best of mac world award of 2014

Don’t miss a moment at home.

Laptop / iMac / PC

Watch what matters most on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

iPad / Andorid Pad
iPhone / Andorid Phone

Knows the difference between your kids and the dog walking through.

face detection
face detection

simplicam: Peace of mind at any time.

Easy, quick, no-brainer setup.

Watch the action on your smartphone.

Archive, record and share clips with family and friends with Closeli's optional Recording Services.


Easy peasy

Get set up and start viewing in under 3 minutes flat.

View from any device

Tune in and watch anywhere, anytime on your iPhone, Android phone or computer.

Alarms and Alerts

You’ll know exactly when noise, motion and errors events happen.

Full HD

See every little detail in rich, 720p streaming video.

Intelligent Design

Set it up and schedule recordings from anywhere via your phone. simplicam can automatically stop when it detects you’ve arrived home.


Your video streams stay encrypted so what’s yours stays yours.

Night vision

Advanced low-light contrast helps you see clearly, even at 4 AM.

Two-Way Talk

Great for cats on the counter. Perfect for welcoming the kids home from school.

Optional: Save to Closeli

Automatically save your streams to Closeli’s Cloud and share your favorite clips.

Optional: Face Detection

Lets you know when your kids are home without getting spooked by shadows. (Included with all Closeli Recording Services)