Smart camera. Simple security.

Wondering who’s home? Know with simplicam, the only Wi-Fi monitoring camera with Face Recognition technology. Get peace of mind, anytime with easy setup (no computer required) and streaming HD video on your smartphone or computer.



simplicam: Peace of mind, anytime.

simplicam: Peace of mind, anytime
  • Easy, quick, no-brainer setup.
  • Watch the action on your smartphone.
  • Record, save and share clips with family and friends using optional Closeli Recording Services.
  • While other cameras alert you every time the cat walks by, or if a tree branch shakes near the window, simplicam’s state-of-the-art Face Recognition alerts can tell you who is there.

simplicam | $149.99

Here’s what you get:

simplicam + 1 Year of 1-Day Closeli Recording Services | $199.99

You get everything above, plus…

Learn more about Closeli Recording Services

You do not need a recording plan to enjoy your simplicam. But if you want to add premium features including Face Recognition notifications, cloud video recording and sharing, we have three great plans to choose from:
Review the
last day’s recordings
Save up to 1 hour of clips

Perfect for long work days.

Review the past
11 days of recordings
Save up to 3 hours of clips

Great for vacations.

Review the past
21 days of recordings
Save up to 5 hours of clips
Ideal for the long haul.

Interested in subscribing to Closeli Recording Service? Just log into your account.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can simplicam be used outdoors?
simplicam is designed for indoor use only.
Do you ship outside of the U.S.?
At this time, we are currently only available in the United States.
I’m really interested in two-way talk and night vision. How do I get that?
Good news! Two-way talk and night vision automatically come with the regular simplicam for $149.99.
Can I download video?
Yes – if you have a Closeli Recording Services plan. Once your video is saved in the cloud, you can download it to your smartphone or computer and keep it forever!
What happens after my 1 year recording subscription runs out?
Your simplicam will still work! You just won’t be able to record video, or access your recorded video clips in the cloud.
What’s your return policy?
We offer free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee when you buy from We want you to be happy, and if you’re not, we’ll pay for your return shipping and issue you a refund. If you could give us feedback, too, we’ll put it to good use!
I want Closeli Recording Services. Do I buy one for each camera?
Yes. This is because each camera has its own Face Detection analysis and video storage, which requires space in the cloud. However, we do offer discounts on Closeli Recording Services. After adding Closeli Recording Services to your first simplicam, you’ll receive a 40% discount on the same Closeli Recording Services plan for each additional simplicam.
I want multiple cameras, and I also want recording services. How do I do that?
We recommend purchasing the $149.99 option, then logging into your account at and upgrading to the plan of your choice. You’ll get 40% off the same Closeli Recording Services plan after camera #1!
Can I have multiple cameras set up for one account?
You can have as many simplicams in your account as your bandwidth can support (each simplicam typically runs 1 Mbps of bandwidth). We generally recommend up to four per household. You can add multiple simplicams to your Closeli account, give them each a name and view different feeds from your smartphone, tablet or computer.
Can I have multiple cameras in different locations?
Yes. As long as your cameras are under one account, you can place them in different locations (i.e. your home, business, vacation home, etc.) and access all of them by logging into your account via the Closeli mobile app on your smartphone, or on the web at simplicam just needs to be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network (each simplicam typically uses 1 Mbps of bandwidth). Just a reminder: simplicam is supported in the U.S. only.
The more, the merrier: Get 40% off when you purchase Closeli Recording Services for additional simplicams.
Not sure if simplicam is right for you?